Fault code P0024 – “B” camshaft position – timing over-advanced or system performance (Bank 2)

Fault code P0024 is called “”B” Camshaft Position – Timing Over-Advanced or System Performance (Bank 2)” but in different programs it may be called differently. This fault designation applies to all vehicles equipped with OBD-II.

Technical description and explained code P0024

This Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) is a generic powertrain code. Error P0024 is considered a general code because it applies to all makes and models of vehicles. Although the specific repair steps may vary slightly depending on the model.

Fault code P0024 –

Code P0024 refers to VVT (variable valve timing) or VCT (variable camshaft timing) components. Also the vehicle’s PCM (Powertrain Control Module) or ECM (Engine Control Module).

VVT is a technology used in an engine that allows more power or efficiency at different operating points.

The mechanism consists of several different components, but code P0024 DTC specifically refers to the camshaft timing gear (cams). In this case, if the camshaft timing is above the set limit (too high). Then the engine error will appear on the panel and its code will be recorded in the memory.

The camshaft “B” is either the exhaust right or rear camshaft if the engine is a V-twin. This code applies to bank 2 only. Bank 2 is the side of the engine where the first cylinder is not located.

Symptoms of vehicle malfunctions

The main signal that an error P0024 has occurred is the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) is also known as the CheckEngine Light.

It can also be warning signs such as:

  1. Poor engine starting.
  2. Unstable idle, to the point that the engine may stall.
  3. Slow throttle response.
  4. Loss of power.

Factors that can cause this error code

If there is a significant difference between the set shaft offset angle and the actual offset read by the sensor. The valve stops working and the ECM activates code P0024.

The error code P0024 can mean that one or more of the following problems have occurred:

  • Incorrect phasing of the camshaft.
  • Faulty camshaft position.
  • Wiring problems (harness/wiring) in inlet control solenoid valve control system.
  • Constant oil ingress into VCT combustion chamber.
  • Low level engine oil or dirty engine oil.
  • Defective divider valve control solenoid (stuck in open position).
  • Clogged solenoid valve.
  • Camshaft position sensor badly connected to electrical circuit.
  • Defective crankshaft position sensor.

Because the camshaft phase control solenoid valve uses oil flow for control. Contaminated oil can cause the valve to lock in the open or closed position. Before replacing the valve, change the engine oil and filter, and reset engine code P0024.

How to fix or reset OBD-2 code P0024

This DTC is the result of a mechanical failure of the VCT unit or related components. Therefore, there is no particular need for further electrical diagnosis of error P0024. To test the VCT unit components, a special vehicle repair manual must be consulted.

You can also go to the service, dealer technology has advanced tools and the ability to perform detailed troubleshooting steps. Including the ability to test components with a scan tool.

Diagnose and repair of problems

Perform an electrical test of the phase sensor. Make sure that there is no oxidation on the contacts and that there is power flowing through the wires.

Visual inspection of the phase sensor. The sensor should be removed and checked for chips, cracks and dirt. Which in most cases are caused by irregular oil changes in the engine.

Check the VVT valve of the timing system. Set up a multimeter in ohmmeter mode. Measure the resistance to make sure the winding is not damaged. The resistance should be in the 6.5-7.5 ohm range, then the winding is not damaged. Exact values can be found in the technical manual for the specific vehicle model.

Measure to have 12 volts applied to the valve with the sensor removed. This will ensure that the stem will move.

Diagnosing P0024 is also possible with the engine running. You need to remove the wiring harness and apply power to the two pins from the battery. If the valve is working, the engine speed will drop and the engine will stall.

On which vehicles does this problem occur most frequently

Fault code P0024 can occur on different vehicles but there are statistics on which brands this occurs most often. Here is a list of some of them:

  • Acura
  • Audi (A6)
  • BMW (E65)
  • Buick (LaCrosse)
  • Cadillac (SRX)
  • Chevrolet (Traverse)
  • Citroen
  • Dodge
  • Ford
  • Honda
  • Hyundai
  • Infiniti (EX35, FX35, G35)
  • Kia (Sorento)
  • Lexus
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Nissan
  • Subaru
  • Toyota
  • Volkswagen

Fault code P0024 can sometimes be found with other errors. The most common are the following: P0010, P0011, P0012, P0014, P0020, P0021, P0022, P0391.


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