Fault code P2266 – water in fuel sensor circuit low

Fault code P2266 is called “Water in Fuel Sensor Circuit Low” but in different programs it may be called differently. This fault designation applies to all vehicles equipped with OBD-II.

Technical description and explained code P2266

The OBD-II error P2266 is a general fault code, which is defined as “low fuel water sensor circuit signal level”. But despite its general nature, the exact steps of repair may differ depending on the make and model of the vehicle.

Fault code P2266 – water in fuel sensor circuit low

The fuel water sensor is designed to monitor the fuel that passes through it to ensure that ethanol, water and other impurities do not exceed a certain percentage. In addition, the fuel temperature is measured by the fuel water sensor and converted into a voltage pulse width monitored by the PCM.

The PCM uses these readings when adjusting and timing the engine to achieve optimal performance as well as fuel economy.

When the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) detects a low fuel water sensor circuit signal, code P2266 is set and the instrument panel warning light illuminates. The fuel water indicator light may also illuminate if the vehicle has this warning light.

Symptoms of vehicle malfunctions

The main signal that an error P2266 has occurred is the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) is also known as the CheckEngine Light.

It can also be warning signs such as:

  1. Check engine control lamp on the control panel will light up (the code will be recorded in the memory as a fault).
  2. Water in fuel indicator illuminates.
  3. Floating revolutions, as well as attempts to stall at idle.
  4. Engine stalls or fails to start.
  5. Reduced power output of the engine.
  6. Increased fuel consumption.
  7. Sometimes there may be no symptoms, except for a stored fault code.

The severity of code P2266 can vary greatly, from just a glowing malfunction light, to the vehicle shutting down or not starting at all. If this problem is not corrected in a timely manner, damage to the fuel system and internal engine components may occur.

Factors that can cause this error code

The error code P2266 can mean that one or more of the following problems have occurred:

  • Faulty fuel water sensor.
  • Broken or short circuit in wiring.
  • Fuse or fusible link blown.
  • Contaminated fuel or substandard fuel.
  • Faulty or worn fuel filter.

How to fix or reset OBD-2 code P2266

Some suggested steps for troubleshooting and fix the error code P2266:

  1. Check the water-in-fuel sensor.
  2. Inspect wiring and connectors.
  3. Check fuses or fusible links.
  4. Recall where and under what conditions you last filled.
  5. Replace fuel filter.

Diagnose and repair of problems

The first step in the P2266 troubleshooting process is to review the Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) for your particular vehicle. In some cases, this can save a lot of time by pointing you in the right direction.

Check the vehicle’s records to see when the fuel filter was replaced, and visually check its condition. Since the most common causes of this code are a faulty fuel filter or contaminated fuel.

A visual inspection of the fuel can be done with a glass container. After the sample is taken, let it stand for a while, water and fuel will separate within a few minutes.

The presence of water in the fuel is a sign of contaminated fuel, a faulty fuel filter, or both.

You should then check the associated wiring for obvious defects such as scratches, scuffs, exposed wires or burn spots. Connectors should also be checked for safety, corrosion and damaged contacts.

Additional procedures may require an oscilloscope to get information from the sensor about signal pulses. Therefore, it is better to contact a specialized repair shop to further diagnose the P2266 error.

On which vehicles does this problem occur most frequently

Fault code P2266 can occur on different vehicles but there are statistics on which brands this occurs most often. Here is a list of some of them:

  • Chrysler
  • Dodge (RAM)
  • Ford
  • Hyundai
  • Jeep
  • Land Rover (Range Rover)
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Peugeot
  • GAZelle (Next)

Fault code P2266 can sometimes be found with other errors. The most common are the following: P0193, P0237, P0251, P0341, P0652, P2264, P2265, P2267, P2268, P2269, P226A, P2509.


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